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Cupro Nickel Tubes Automobile

Cupro Nickel Tubes 90/10 Automobile Industries

Cupro Nickel Tubes 90/10 Automobile Industries

Copper is known to exhibit many good qualities since many days as it is easy to bend and is highly corrosion resistant but it lacked in corrosion fatigue strength. Thus copper-nickel was introduced as it exhibited corrosion resistance similar to copper, a high general strength, and good fatigue strength. There is ease of flaring and bending due to good formability. Although costly than it's steel alternative it is attractive owing to its extra life, safe/ reliable characteristics and hassle free installation.

Application in the Automotive Industry
The copper-nickel that is used for brake tubing generally contains 10% nickel together with iron-1.4% and manganese 0.8%. This product conforms to the ASTM B466( American Society for Testing and Materials) norms that specify tensile strength, dimensions, and yield strength. The Formability and internal cleanliness conform to specifications like SAE J527, ASTM A254 and SMMT C5B (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders). The alloys also meet the criteria for pressure containment, fabrication, and corrosion resistance as per ISO 4038 (International Standards Organization) and SAE J1047.

The table below depicts the mechanical properties of alloy C70600 as compared to steel

The Alloy C70600 is generally supplying in the form of redrawn tubing in the annealed condition. Excellent formability is rendered by way of the combination of strength and good ductility. Since Copper-nickel is not as hard as steel, it was thought that there might be the problem in fretting but experience has proven it wrong.

Corrosion Resistance

Prior to its application as a brake tubing material, the alloy C70600 was used in ships, power station condensers and hydraulic lines on tankers, thus displaying commendable resistance to saline conditions. According to early tests, it was evident that copper-nickel exhibits the same resistance to burst pressure like steel.

However, in testing, it was revealed that, when exposed to salt spray over 180 days, steel's burst strength decreases significantly and the copper alloy remains consistently resistant. The tubes covered with moist, salty mudpacks for six months, brazed steel was severely corroded that resulted in the perforation of the tubing wall, in fact, only superficial general corrosion was found on the copper-nickel tubing. ISO 4038 and SAE J1047 possesses a corrosion resistance requirement that refers to ISO 3768 asking for a minimum burst pressure of 110 Mpa after 96 hours in the neutral salt spray. In all circumstances, alloyC70600 exceeds easily the required corrosion resistance.

The copper-nickel brake tubing offers superior reliability thus assuring both manufacturers and vehicle owners improvised durability that ensures effective long life functioning of the brake system.

Copper-nickel brake tubing provides superior reliability and assures both manufacturers and vehicle owners improved durability for the effective long-life functioning of the brake system.
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