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Cupro Nickel Rods

Cupro Nickel Rods 95/5, 90/10 and 70/30

Cupro Nickel Rods 95/5, 90/10 and 70/30

The Cupro-nickel rod 90/10 and 95/5 exhibit varied properties like 90/10 is extensively used in heat exchanger application/condenser application and general engineering application. The 95/5, on the other hand, is used in heat exchanger/ condenser application, Refineries, power plants, Desalination Plants, ship repair, ship building. They are produced according to the following standard and symbol of ASTM B111 C70400.

Technical Specifications:-

Cupro Nickel Rods For 90/10Cupro Nickel Rods For 95/5
Chemical Properties
Pb0.05 Max.
Fe1.00 - 1.80
Mn1.00 Max.
Zn1.00 Max.
Chemical Properties
Sn0.10 Max.
Pb0.05 Max
Ni4.00 - 5.00
Fe0.10 Max.
Mn0.25 Max.
As0.10 Max.
Cu Ag95.00 - 96.000
Sb0.01 Max.
Bi0.0025 Max.
Cu Ag Remainder Ni Co 9.00 - 11.00Oxygen (O2) 0.08 Max.
Mechanical Properties
Light Drawn
Flattening TestReqd. (After 'O')
U.T.S. ksi45.00 Min
Y.S. at 0.5% Ext. ksi35.00 Min.
Expansion Test 30% at 60 degrees Reqd. (After 'O')

Annealed Temper
Flattening TestReqd.
Grain Size at 75 X mm Avg.0.010 - 0.045
U.T.S. ksi40.00 Min.
Y.S. at 0.5% Ext. ksi15.00 Min.
Expansion Test 30% at 60 degrees Reqd.
Mechenical Properties
U.T.S. MPa216 - 275 (Strip cut from Ring Tube)
%Elongation at 5.65Sq.Rt So G.L.40.00 Min. (Strip cut from Ring Tube)
Flattening TestReqd.
Bend TestReqd. (180-degree close)
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