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Coppertubes Heating Application

Copper Tubes For Heating Application & Solar Panels

Copper Tubes For Heating Application & Solar Panels

The foremost residential use of solar energy came in the shape of solar thermal heating panels & applications. Through covering a system of copper pipes with a black heat-collecting surface beneath a greenhouse-style pane of glass, the fluid inside these copper pipes can be easily heated with solar radiation and further pumped through a baseboard heating system. These panels are widely used for household water heating or for heating swimming pools and more.

Copper and its alloys are extensively used in these systems, that are usually ideal for keeping a small swimming pool, baseboard heating, household hot water etc at a comfortable temperature. While the manufacturing process and the mechanism through which they work is highly technical, they are much simpler to install and maintain in their actual usage.

What Should You look For?
In heating application & solar panels, one must look for parts and equipment that are small, quiet and efficient. You should look for copper which is exhibits properties & characteristics like, easily cold and warm bending, corrosion resistance, excellent heat conductivity, good welding and soldering qualities.

Furthermore, copper and its alloys have been an integral part of renewable and other "green" energy systems for many years now. You should also look for areas like compatibility of copper parts, fabricating and joining requirements, heat transfer properties, effects of corrosion while lubrication on copper system performance, predictive methods, and safety tests.

The other things you should look for while selecting products for the solar panel are specially designed copper tubing which is used in highly efficient, direct-exchange geothermal heat pumps and the massive amounts of copper cables, that are employed in the harnessing of wind energy.
Copper Tube Specifications:-

Physical Properties:
TemperTensile strength Kg/mm2 Min.Elongation % on 5.65 A Min.
As Manufactured23.513
Chemical Requirements:
Copper (Incl. Silver)99.85% Min.
Phosphorus0.013 to 0.05%
Total Impurities0.06% Max.
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Purpose of Requirement:

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