Coppertubes Heat Exchangers

Copper Tubes For Heat Exchangers & Locomotives

Copper Tubes For Heat Exchangers & Locomotives

In the contemporary world, the emergence of heat exchangers & locomotives has touched whooping heights like never before. This has led to a rise of copper and copper alloys, as they are an integral part of heat exchangers & locomotives. Copper functions precisely & more accurately in the heated conditions than any other non-ferrous metal. Therefore, the use of copper in this industry is inevitable.

With technological advancements & various advantages that copper exhibits, the heat exchangers & locomotive industries have explored the importance of copper in producing highly efficient, durable, long lasting and premium quality parts in this domain. Today, the metal has become an essential ingredient & used extensively in producing latest design elements in heat exchanger & locomotive industry. Copper and its alloys are used in piping & tube system of heat exchangers.

What Should You look For?
For heat exchanger applications, a buyer should look for parts and components that are light-weight, efficient and cost effective. It is also important to consider various characteristics of copper including; cold and warm bending, corrosion resistance, excellent heat conductivity, versatility, good welding, soldering qualities & more. Some of the important features of the metal that you may want to bring into consideration are:- Solutions We Offer
We specialize in design and supply of a comprehensive range of copper tubes, cupro nickel pipes, industrial pipes, rolled products and more for a variety of heat exchanger applications. Our offerings include Cu-Ni alloy for tubes and pipes; electrical components for plug-type connectors, cable lugs, connector blocks, relays and driving motors; and brass components for the manufacturing of nozzles and more.

Designed as per the industry standards and guidelines, our products match the increased requirements for safety as well as for production and optimization in the heat exchangers & locomotive industry. With our industry expertise, sophisticated production facilities and customer oriented approach, we offer customization facility to incorporate various customer specific requirements.
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