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Copper Earthing Systems

Copper Earthing Systems

Copper Earthing Systems

The precious property or possessions can be well protected with the help of a sound Lighting System. There are certain factors that are to be kept in mind in a good lighting system, they are-

Ability to carry high currents repeatedly.

Good Corrosion resistance.

Low electrical resistance to earth.

A reliable life of at least 30 years.

Soil Conditions:
Getting a good soil condition entirely depends on the local soil features. The most demanding variety of soil is that it should have resistivity. The factors that affect soil resistivity are the following.

The temperature of the soil.

The chemical composition of the soil e.g. Salt content.

Moisture content of the soil

Soil Conditions

The resistivity of the soil depends on the moisture content of the soil thus moisture content decreases the soil resistivity. Similarly, increase in the salt content reduces the resistivity, while the reduction in temperature of the soil increases the resistivity.

Selection of the Correct Earth Electrodes:Survey has revealed that there is lower resistivity at greater depths. This situation is some meters below the surface. Earth Rod Electrodes are the most economical way of reaching such depths. At times deep driving is not possible because of rocks, underneath, parallel driven shorter rods, plates, mates or buried conductors or a combination of three can be used.

Earth Rod Electrodes:
These are the most commonly made of solid copper or stainless steel with copper bonding. Earthing rods, copper bonded earthing rods, copper bonded earthing rods or copper bonded grounding rods are extensively used owing to the strength, comparatively low cost and corrosion resistance.

Copper Bonded Earth Rod System:The Copper Bonded Earth Rod System includes certain accessories along with rod-like

Driving Stud: These are made of steel and is ideal for use along with power hammers.
Coupling: These are made of copper alloy & counter bored to enclose threads. These exhibit strength & also highly corrosion resistance. These are used to connect driving stud to rod or rod to rod.
Rod: It is primarily made of low carbon that gives it a high tensile strength of 600 N/mm2. These rods are molecularly bonded with 99.9 % pure electrolytic copper up to the thickness of 0.25mm, Rolled threads at each end give strength than cut threads. 
Clamp: Our clamps have high copper alloy content that provides strong resistance against corrosion.

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